​​Green Seal is a non-profit organization using science based programs to help consumers and industry create a more sustainable world.


Green cleaning goes beyond chemical and equipment choices, including how services are performed, staff training, and environmental stewardship in ways that minimize cleaning solvent impacts and protect the environment. Newer technologies and methods make it possible to clean effectively, creating healthier buildings and avoid indoor environmental contamination.

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Save Money - Reduce Expense

Better cleaning methods and safer products can significantly improve the comfort and health of building occupants, reducing chemical reactions and potentially impacting healthcare and insurance costs.

Longer lasting buildings and interiors
Green cleaning extends the life of carpets, floors, furnishings, computers, HVAC systems and other components. This reduces replacement costs and saves repair and replacement expense.

Your Green Bottom Line

Go Green Cleaning is an ecology-friendly commercial and residential cleaning company serving Northern Virginia.

Our mission: To provide outstanding cleaning services, at competitive prices, and to help everyone Go Green.

We  help out clients make green decisions through a deep understanding of the green cleaning industry. Our professional team will guide you to a cleaner, healthier, more pleasant working or living environment. We can guarantee our results through our strict green cleaning policies, procedures and products.